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E-PAK Cartridges, SiliaMetS Imidazole, 5 x 1 cm (LS-R79230B-1CM)

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Laboratory Scale SiliaMetS® Imidazole E-PAK® Cartridges for metal purification

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LS-R79230B-51-3 3/box

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Product Description


  • Details

    SiliaMetS Imidazole weight: 8 g

    Size: 5 cm wide x 1 cm long

    Metals removed

    • Best scavenger: Cd, Co, Cu, Fe, Ir, Li, Mg, Ni, Os, W & Zn
    • Good scavenger: Cr, Pd & Rh

    To facilitate the evaluations of small samples, we can provide loose media and lab scale cartridges on a custom basis.
    Testing with loose media can be done with samples as small as a few milliliters and are normally done in advance of cartridge testing to identify the formula with the highest capacity to remove contaminants with the least loss of product.

    E-PAK lab cartridges are generally used for processing samples of 50 ml or more. Testing has shown good correlation between the performance of lab, pilot and commercial size cartridges.

    Lab cartridges can be operated with pump (as shown) or small pressure vessel.

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    > SiliaMetS Imidazole Metal Scavenger

  • Additional Information

    Family / Formats E-PAK
    Sorbent SiliaMetS Imidazole
    Cartridge size 5 x 1 cm
    Sorbent Weight 8 g